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Why Choose TOEKICKswitch?

As Safe As Safe Can Be...


Underwriters Laboratory ran TOEKICKswitch through it paces, insuring that it can stand up to the rigors of day to day life as well as the unexpected. UL has more than a century's worth of expertise when it comes to developing standards.  In fact, meeting them, was no walk in the park. It took the better part of three years. Now we can say that ToekickSwitch is the only foot switch on the market that meets, or exceeds UL's standards regardless of application. 

We own the utility patent for the two stage foot switch design. This means that any other manufacturer must use our "up and over" motion that virtually eliminates accidental operation.



We all know that accidents can happen...the TOEKICKswitch may get wet when a sink overflows or a water pipe breaks. It can also be struck inadvertently. A water resistant ABS plastic housing in water and impact resistant, promoting Peace of Mind. 


Compact and discrete, the ToeKickswitch resides beneath the sink base cabinet against the toe kick, just out of sight.  No holes drilled in your expensive countertop; unsafe switches mounted in the backsplash, under the sink, or out of reach.  ToeKickswitch isout of site, but not out of mind. Keep your kitchen the way it was meant to be .... beautiful.