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Happy Customers 

Just installed the TOEKICKswitch that Michele and I purchased from you at the Everett Home and Garden Show.  I'm quite pleased.

The instructions were clear, concise, complete, and correct.  The unit went in just as described and promised.  The entire installation took about ½ hour of which ½ of that involved taking all the stuff out from under the sink, cleaning and organizing it, emptying and scrubbing out the trashcan, etc.  What I am trying to say the installation was a breeze.

Our baseboard/toe-kick is 3¾" from top of tile to bottom of cabinet.  When wearing my lightweight hiking/trail shoes with a rather substantial toe-guard it is a bit of a tight fit getting my toe under the switch but even with those shoes it works great.  I think that as we get used to the switch location it will become second nature.

Congratulations on your invention.  If you have any potential customers that would like a reference from a satisfied user, please give them my name.

Bill Coady


We  have a TOEKICKswitch installed and it is wonderful.   Your foot is always there to start and stop it and you don't have to stop whatever you were doing with your hands.  Did not think I needed another "toy" in my kitchen until I had this!

Tiina Oviir

The TOEKICKswitch arrived on time.  The switch is installed already.  I can turn the disposal on/off keeping my hands free, instant response and not touching the wall with my goopy hands.

Merike Magi


Better living through technology.  Great product.  I'm thinking about gifting my clients one of these when they buy a house from me.  A little thank you gift that I think they will really like.  And they'll think of me every time they use their garbage disposal🙂-

Annemarie Sumeri