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TOEKICKswitch Model #1022 DIY Kit


Introducing the Gold standard in kitchen innovation. TOEKICKswitch transforms the dishwashing process.  Say goodbye to bouncing between washing and garbage disposal operation.  No more wall or countertop switches to reach for...just a flick of the foot.  

The easy to install TOEKICKswitch kit includes all necessary components to discretely mount and connect power.

As the only UL listed and approved foot activated garbage disposal switch available, TOEKICKswitch is a true, hands-free and, discreetly located out of sight, but not out of mind.  


1 - TOEKICKswitch (8.5" L x 3.375" H x 2" D)
1 - 6' Power Cord
3 - Power Cord Staples
1 - Cabinet Bushing
1 - 13/16" Wood Boring Bit
1 - Zip Tie
1 - .75" Zip Tie Attachment Screw 
2 - 1.25" Wood Screws